About Project Baby

Welcome to Project Baby, your go-to place for everything related to child life.

We elaborate (un)known children topics (e.g. baby sleep, child development, tummy time, etc.) and products (tummy time toys, subscription boxes, barefoot shoes, etc.) in plain English, based on personal experience and trustworthy resources.

Together with an informational deep dive, we make an effort to present you with a quality roundup of products for every topic we tackle on our website, to save you time (and money).

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower you to make educated decisions and not educated guesses regarding children’s products.

We aim to fulfill this mission by writing comprehensive articles (with related articles, when necessary) about the chosen subject.

All the articles originate in a problem, a need, or a question we crossed paths with while raising our daughter, Anastasia.

Our Story

Project-Baby.com was born out of a real struggle for me and my wife to find up-to-date information about certain topics in raising a child.

After our daughter was born we had 1000’s questions of “how”, “what”, “when”, “why”, etc.

And there was no one to answer them, at least not in a format that gave us confidence.

Let’s be honest, our parents were great but they raised us about 20 years ago.

So we started reading books, blogs, forums, and every written material that could answer our questions.

Then we moved to YouTube, vlogs, and podcasts.

In between, we talked to friends, family, medical experts, neighbors…pretty much any human being willing to listen and reply.

During this period we did trial and error…a lot of trial and error.

We are still doing it, and make no mistake, you will do it also because our “magic” solution might not work for you.


Our research will save you a lot of time and stress by pointing you in the right direction within minutes of reading our articles.

Thousands of hours of information and research curated in concise articles, no strings attached.

We want to turn this website into an up-to-date ever-growing logbook of our life’s project that will help hundreds of thousands of parents.

Who We Are

Behind Project Baby, there is a dedicated family (Chris & Lavinia) whose sole purpose is to raise their daughter (Anastasia) using up-to-date practices and products.

The goal is to ensure her the best start in life and our ever-shifting society.

We currently live in Vienna, Austria but looking forward to exploring other countries and cultures.

Chris Cotoia

Founder of Project-Baby.com, husband of the best wife in the world, and proud father of Princess Anastasia.

Master writer & researcher of child-related topics to ensure accuracy and quality-price balance.

My mundane job is IT Project Manager, although my educational background is in Banking and Finance.

Passive investor on the stock exchange market, always looking for (free) advice to improve my portfolio.

Chris Cotoia & Anastasia

Lavinia Cotoia

Head of Topics for Project-Baby.com, and proud mother of Princess Anastasia.

Lavinia is the one feeding and filtering trending ideas to be turned into worthwhile articles.

Currently a full-time Mom, she is also responsible for quality control of the articles and website design.

As a former Project Controller with a background in Finance and Accounting areas, she is also my biggest critic.

Lavinia Cotoia & Anastasia

Anastasia Cotoia

CIO (Chief Idea Officer) for Project-Baby.com, and the Sun we revolve around.

Anastasia is the reason behind all the ideas and research we conduct and later on, share on our website.

At 3 years old, her outstanding progress confirms the quality of our research so far and forces us to keep the bar high.

As a puzzle addict, she’s currently mastering 5-year-old puzzles and keeps everyone in the family busy.

Anastasia Cotoia

Why You Can Trust Us

At Project-Baby.com, we are all about quality over quantity.

We have high standards as a family, and we will transpose them in every piece of content we create.

The core principles we build every article on are:

Well-researched content from at least 3 independent, trustworthy resources

High-quality (re)sources like healthline.com or subject matter experts

Personal experience – if the article contains product recommendations, at least one of the products is/was used by our family

Updated content – we constantly review and update our content to ensure accurate information

We share a deep interest in healthy and sustainable living while keeping our footprint as small as possible.

Although we use affiliate marketing to support our website, there is 0 influence on the recommendations we make.

Compared to other similar websites, the core structure of our articles is to give you detailed, fact-based information about a certain topic and not just feed sterile products.

The roundup of products is only a bonus for you to have a starting point if you think it’s adequate for your needs.

We will never direct you to shady companies or recommend their products.

We do not accept sponsorships, and if we ever do, it will be from serious businesses and clearly stated at the top of the content.

What’s Next?

If you landed on our website it means you are looking for quality content and product ideas for your kid, to secure his developmental path.

The good news is that we are already prepared for you and you can start right away to:

Read our tummy time content to help your baby in this essential step of his life

Read our wooden toys content if you want open-ended play with everlasting toys

We are confident you will enjoy the content we’re putting together, and if you have any suggestions to improve our website, do reach out at [email protected].