Tummy Time On Boppy: The Secret Weapon Of Busy Moms (Or Dads)

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tummy time on Boppy

Tummy time is a crucial activity for your baby’s development, with numerous benefits.

In case you’re searching for a listing with the best tummy time pillows, we got you covered.

We already curated the Top 10 Tummy Time Pillows for you.

In this article, we will analyze if tummy time on Boppy does the trick or not.

Boppy’s pillows are very popular and versatile tools for supporting moms before and after giving birth.

Let’s find out in this article if they managed to create a quality product for tummy time.

A comprehensive list of the most asked questions (and answers) by new parents awaits you at the end.

Let’s go!

Who Is Boppy?

Boppy is a well-known brand founded in 1989 in the US.

The company specializes in a variety of products designed to provide comfort and support to moms and their babies throughout pregnancy and the early years of a child’s life.

Two of their most popular products are the pregnancy pillows and nursing pillows which are versatile and multi-functional pillows used for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and more.

The brand is highly appreciated by moms all over the world with an overwhelming number of positive reviews.

What is the Boppy Tummy Time Pillow?

In addition to their signature pillows, Boppy created the Boppy Tummy Time Pillow, specifically designed to help your baby during tummy time activities.

A tummy time pillow is a great tool for tummy time and you can deep dive into this topic in our dedicated article Tummy Time Pillow Mastery: Goodbye Flat Head Syndrome.

Are curious how tummy time on Boppy goes?

Then keep reading!

How To Do Tummy Time On Boppy Pillow

To effectively perform tummy time on the Boppy pillow, place your baby on their belly, propped up with the pillow under their chest and arms.

Ensure their face is clear of the pillow.

This position allows your baby to practice lifting their head and neck and explore their surroundings.

Quick and effective, valid for tummy time pillows from other brands.

But let’s look at it step-by-step.

Tummy Time On Boppy In 3 Easy Steps

  1. Create a soft, clean area on a firm surface(floor or tummy time mat).
  2. Position Boppy’s tummy time prop in the middle of the area.
  3. Lay your baby on their belly, resting in the C-shaped opening of the pillow, while their arms and shoulders are propped on top of the pillow.

Tips & Tricks For Better Tummy Time Engagement

Now with the proper setup in place, the next step is ensuring your baby is engaged and enjoys their tummy time on Boppy.

Avoid objections during tummy time on the Boppy pillow using these simple tricks:

  • Lay down in front of your baby to establish the Eye Level Smile tummy time position.
  • Use tummy time toys in front of the pillow to hold the baby’s attention.
  • Interact with your baby by talking, singing, or making funny faces to keep them engaged.
  • Gradually increase the duration of tummy time sessions as your baby becomes more comfortable.
  • Be patient and calm – remember that it may take some time for your baby to get used to the new position.

Safety Tips

Safety is always a priority when performing tummy time on Boppy with your baby.

Keep these safety tips in mind to ensure an enjoyable and secure experience:

  • Always supervise your baby during tummy time, and never leave them unattended.
  • Ensure the Boppy pillow is placed on a flat, stable surface to prevent tipping or rolling.
  • Do not use the prop if it’s heavily worn or damaged, as this may compromise its support and safety.
  • Pay attention to your baby’s cues and stop tummy time on Boppy if they show signs of distress or discomfort.

Alternatives To Tummy Time On Boppy

While the focus is on alternatives to Boppy’s pillow, the information is valid for any tummy time or nursing pillow.

Tummy Time On Boppy vs Tummy Time on Floor

Tummy time on Boppy differs from tummy time on the floor due to the added elevation and support the Boppy provides.

Here are the key differences:

  • Elevation: The Boppy pillow provides a curved surface that elevates the baby’s upper body, making it easier for them to lift their head and engage their core muscles.
  • Support: The Boppy offers more support for your baby’s arms and shoulders, allowing them to practice pushing and propping themselves up with less strain.
  • Comfort: The soft, cushioned surface of the Boppy can provide a more comfortable experience compared to the harder floor surface.
  • Safety: Due to its C-shaped design, your baby is protected in case of left or right sliding.

Remember to expose your baby to a variety of surfaces for tummy time, including the floor.

Other Tummy Time Pillows

Other tummy time pillows will also provide (better or worse) support for your baby during this crucial developmental phase.

Tummy Time Water Mat

These mats provide a unique sensory experience for your baby:

  • Engagement: The colorful designs and floating toys inside the water mat can capture your baby’s attention and encourage them to practice their gross motor skills.
  • Variability: Water mats can be used with or without a pillow for a range of experiences and challenges for your baby.

If you want more on this subject, our Tummy Time Water Mat article awaits.

Boppy Tummy Time Pillow vs Other Tummy Time Pillows

Tummy time is an essential activity for your baby’s development, and while there are many tummy time pillows available, Boppy Tummy Time Pillow is a popular choice among parents.

Let’s compare the Boppy Tummy Time Pillow to other tummy time pillows and discuss its pros and cons.

Pros Of Boppy Pillow

  • Patented Unique SlideLine system: the front slide line allows you (and your baby) to perfectly place and move toys depending on your baby’s position.
  • Non-Toxic: one of the few (if not the only) truly non-toxic tummy time pillow, made of cotton and filled with polyester fibers.
  • Versatility: can be used for nursing small babies. If you already purchased a Boppy for pregnancy comfort, use it also for tummy time.
  • Quality: made by a renowned brand.
  • Montessorish: a very simple concept that comes with a high-contrast pattern and a couple of toys, perfect to avoid overstimulation.

Cons Of Boppy Pillow

Despite its advantages, the Boppy Tummy Time Pillow is not without its drawbacks:

  • Too Simple: some parents find the concept “too simple” with only a crinkle toy and a teether.
  • Prop: can’t be used to have your baby lie on their back or sit in it – tummy only.
  • Size: some caregivers complained about the small size (15x15in) compared to its competitors (20x20in).
  • Price: the Boppy Tummy Time Pillow is more expensive than other tummy time pillows considering its features.

Now let’s check out the most popular questions related to tummy time on Boppy.

Tummy Time On Boppy FAQ

Should Tummy Time Be On A (Boppy) Pillow?

Yes, it can, but it’s important to alternate surfaces for tummy time.

Rotate through tummy time on the floor, on your chest, or on a tummy time (water) mat.

Using a pillow will provide extra support and make it more comfortable for your baby.

Can You Do Tummy Time On A Boppy?

I hope it’s clear by now that you can while considering the safety tips.

The answer is also valid for other Boppy pillows, like the pregnancy and nursing ones.

Does Tummy Time On A Boppy Pillow Count?

Tummy time on Boppy counts as it helps your baby strengthen their muscles, which is the main goal of tummy time.

Any type of tummy time counts!

Is It Better To Do Tummy Time On Boppy Or The Floor?

Both options have their benefits and are valid.

Tummy time on the floor allows your baby to practice more independently and can promote their ability to move.

On the other hand, tummy time on Boppy provides support and a comfortable surface for tummy time.

So alternate between or even mix them.

Get in there and stay creative!

How To Do Tummy Time On A Boppy?

I mentioned above all you need to know to perform tummy time on a Boppy but I am gonna give you a bonus.

Check out this YouTube video made by an expert:

How Should A Baby Lay On A Boppy?

Your baby should lay inside the curve of the “C” of the pillow, with their upper body and shoulders propped up on top of the pillow.

The pillow should curve around its sides to provide support.

When Can The Baby Do Tummy Time On A Boppy?

You can start tummy time on Boppy as soon as your baby is born.

Some newborns don’t enjoy tummy time pillows immediately though.

Test it and if you receive negative feedback, start using the Boppy pillow once your baby has enough head control to maintain a comfortable position.

Can A 3-Month-Old Do Tummy Time On A Boppy?

You can do tummy time on Boppy at 1 month, at 2 months, at 3 months, and so forth.

It’s up to you and your baby.

Give it a try but don’t force it if your baby doesn’t like it.

Revisit after 1-2 weeks.

Where To Buy Boppy Tummy Time Pillow

The Boppy Tummy Time Pillow is found on popular online retailers such as Amazon and Walmart.

In addition, you can purchase directly from the official Boppy website or visit your local Target store.

When shopping for a Boppy Tummy Time Pillow, consider the following:

  • compare prices across major retailers to find the best deal
  • take note of any promotions or discounts that might be/become (Easter, Xmas, etc.) available
  • read customer reviews and ratings to get a better understanding of the product’s quality and performance

Key Takeaways

Now you should know the essentials about tummy time on Boppy.

So, whether you will use a Boppy tummy time prop or a different type of tummy time product is up to you.

Just remember that tummy time is beneficial for your baby’s overall development.

Be patient and consistent with tummy time, and soon enough, you’ll see your baby’s progress as they become stronger and more adept at exploring the world around them.

Additionally, you can get familiar with tummy time and tummy time tools with some of our quick reads:

If you have any questions, tips, curiosities, or experiences to share, please use the comments section below.

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