Is Lovevery Play Gym Still Worth It In 2023?

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Lovevery Play Gym
In case you missed The Ultimate Lovevery Play Kits Review, you can find it right here.

Are you looking for the most comprehensive Lovevery Play Gym review ever written because you are still unsure whether to buy it or not?

Or maybe you were just looking to get a good Play Mat or Play Gym for your baby and you don’t know which one to pick.

I feel your struggle because I was in the same situation around 2 years ago when our baby girl came into this world.

There are so many products out there that for us parents it’s always hard to pick one without having second thoughts.

Now, let me give you the good news.

Your struggle is OVER, my dear friend!

This unbiased review by an actual owner of Lovevery’s Play Gym will give all the valuable information to help you make the best decision.

After Anastasia was born, I started looking for stage-based learning and development baby products.

Lovevery‘s products were the first that caught my eye because of the high number of positive reviews.

I was looking for a cool play gym made of baby-safe materials and with lots of activities that facilitate the baby’s development.

That’s when I found the Lovevery Play Gym.

Lovevery Play Gym

I’ve seen many Play Gyms and Play Mats (and probably you did also) but the way this one is presented (check above) answered 80% of my questions upfront.

For the rest, I just had to read the product presentation on their website and a few blog posts.

Are you ready now to find out why I believe the Lovevery Play Gym is worth the money?

I bet you are, so let’s go through the most burning questions you may have and answer them.

I will skip the basics about Lovevery’s mission, concept, and products.

If you are not familiar with these details, I strongly recommend reading our exquisite Lovevery Play Kits review because it contains comprehensive information about the company and its products.

The information presented below was curated from 3 different parents (including myself)and various online sources.

What Is The Lovevery Play Gym?

It’s a gym every baby looking for a 6-pack before the age of 3 should go to from the first day…I am kidding.

This “Gym” name misled me at first also.

In a good way though, because it made me research it deeply since it sounded challenging.

Now on a serious note, the Lovevery Play Gym is one of the best play gyms out there.

I would dare to say THE best.

I am not the only one saying it, there are thousands of genuine reviews out there praising this product.

They can’t be all wrong, right?

In my opinion, this Gym is the “Hello, World!” for your child.

The Lovevery Play Gym provides a safe space for your baby to reach new milestones in their development.

It’s perfect for tummy time and learning new things by exploring the foldable side zones you or your baby can open and close on demand.

Using a combination of contrasting yet not eye-disturbing colors, interesting textures, and sounds, the Lovevery Play Gym helps babies’ brains and bodies develop by exposing them to different stimuli.

Like the rest of Lovevery’s products, the play gym was designed by child development experts and is Montessori-inspired.

Lovevery Play Gym
Baby playing in the Colors Zone
When to use the Lovevery Play Gym?

Apart from the question above, you might have several other questions from the same category:

  1. Do I need my baby to be a certain age to use it?
  2. When it’s safe to use it?
  3. Does my baby need to meet a certain condition for using it?

Got some good news for you.

Your baby can use the Lovevery Play Gym from day 1 of life, supervised by an adult.

There are certain things you should be aware of which I mentioned below, in the dedicated chapter, so keep reading.

What’s in the box?

Another question would be, “What do I get for the money I pay?”.

Lovevery Play Gym Box
Lovevery Play Gym Box

The efficiently-organized box you will receive contains the following items:

1. 3 wooden arches – they will be the skeleton of the Lovevery Play Gym and are made of FSC-certified, sustainably sourced wood.

2. The plastic joint – where you will clip the arms together without any tools.

3. The Play Mat – the bread and butter of the Lovevery Play Gym is made of polyester(which raised many controversies) but for a good reason, to avoid shrinking during machine washing.

It comes with 5 foldable action zones allowing you to focus your child toward a certain number(s) of zones, thus preventing overstimulation.

It has quite a good cushion compared to similar items and you don’t need to place anything under it.

I’ve placed it directly on the wooden floor.

4. The Play Gym Cover – will allow you to turn the gym into a tent/fort/castle (yippee, you don’t need to invest money in a separate one).

5. The Organic Cotton High-Contrast Ball – a classic Montessori toy with unlimited play options. Safe to chew!

6. The Batting Ring – from the same material as the arches, this ergonomically designed toy will raise the batting and grasping to a new level.

The soft bell and castanet sounds are a nice touch.

7. The Organic Cotton Teether – a 2-in-1 teether made of an organic cotton teether that “hugs” a safe BPA-free silicone ring.

8. The Teething Ring – a second silicone ring that can be used standalone or in the Hide and Find zone.

Lovevery Play Gym Toys
Lovevery Play Gym Toys

9. The Black and White Card Set – a similar but not identical set to the one found in The Looker Play Kit.

The 2-faced 4 cards will draw your baby’s attention, especially in the first 4-5 months of life because of the high contrast and increasing complexity.

Just so you know: 
Babies start seeing colors around 5 months.

10. The Common Objects Card Set – a colored, real-life images (as Montessori recommends) deck that will give you and your baby topics to talk about.

11. The Faces Card Set – same as the above but with baby faces. Babies are always curious to see other babies.

12. The Mirror Card Set – the 2 mirror-like cards will become attractive for your baby as growing up.

13. The Card Set Clips – will help you position and rotate cards wherever you want around the Gym.

Lovevery Play Gym Cards
Lovevery Play Gym Cards

14. The Play Guide – yeap, you get one of these also.

Packed with research-backed ideas on how to obtain the maximum benefit out of the Lovevery Play Gym.

This “user manual” is structured into 6 sections (bimonthly) covering at least 1 year of your child’s life.

The guide explains also developmental milestones and the benefits of each activity they propose.

Now let’s be honest, everyone is giving advice but how many are explaining the reasons behind it?

“Give your baby this and that in this quantity!”…then silence.

Then you need to research, spend time, argue with friends, doctors, etc.

Lovevery does that and it’s making life so EASY!

The Guide also contains advice on other activities you can engage your baby in, unrelated to the Lovevery Play Gym.

Just so you know: 
All the toys and cards are detachable/removable.
Is Lovevery Play Gym A Montessori Play Gym?

The correct answer would be that the Lovevery Play Gym is the most Montessori-oriented play gym out there.

It contains both toys and concepts that fit within the Montessori philosophy:

  • The Card Set is entirely Montessori-based.
  • Out of the toys, the Organic Cotton High-Contrast ball is Montessori-inspired.
  • The 5 stations design of the Lovevery Play Gym is one of the Montessori concepts at work – the baby can choose and move from one station to another to play and learn, under the guidance of an adult.

One thing I don’t like, although I found a workaround, and is not quite Montessori, is the fixed places for the hanging toys.

Other than that, please take my word that, currently, there is no play gym or play mat out there more Montessori than the Lovevery Play Gym.

Lovevery Play Gym vs Others

To understand what differentiates the Lovevery Play Gym from other Play Mats out there we need to have a deeper look at its features:

The Lifespan

It is safe to use it from the first day your baby arrived in the world.

It’s recommended from 0 to 12 months, but I assure you it can be used way past that period because of the next feature.

The Versatility

The Lovevery Play Gym has 5 developmental zones with activities fostering exploration and development.

1. Hide and Find

It was our daughter’s favorite, early teaching the object permanence concept to your child.

Although simplistic compared to other zones, she loved this hide-and-seek for many months.

Even today she keeps hiding things in there from us.

This colorful zone contains a pocket hiding one of the toys coming with the Gym, the Teething Ring.

You can replace the ring with whatever you like.


2. Feel

5 material tabs of different textures your baby will love exploring…or not.

In our case, this was the least used zone of the 5.

Not sure why, as it doesn’t feel strange like some felt items from the Lovevery Play Kits.


3. Sound

Probably the first zone of interest for your baby because of the various sounds coming out of it when kicked, pressed, or grabbed.

This zone is teaching the cause-and-effect concept.

In our case, this was the first zone that got ignored somewhere around 5-6 months.


4. Colors

Containing 8 soft material tabs of clear colors, this zone becomes attractive for babies around 5 months.

That’s when they start seeing colors, in case you were wondering what’s up with the Black and White Card set and Organic Cotton Ball.


5. Focus

Versatile itself, this zone is the stage for the various card sets of the Lovevery Play Gym.

I like this zone because it’s growing with your child since complexity can be increased multiple times.

Our daughter had so much fun here and we saved memorable moments.


6. The Play Space Cover (The Fort)

The Lovevery Play Gym can be transformed into a wonderful fort with a finger snap.

Lovevery Play Gym Fort
Lovevery Play Gym Fort

Lovevery Play Gym Setup And Folding

When thinking of buying a play gym or play mat, among the first thoughts for parents is the (painful) setup.

What if I don’t receive the instructions?

What if I don’t have the tools?

What if they don’t send batteries? Should I order some? How many? Which type?

Well, with the Lovevery Play Gym you don’t have to worry at all because they got you covered:

  • you don’t need batteries
  • you don’t need tools
  • you don’t need assistants unless your baby is eager to help
  • you need between 2 and 5 minutes for setup

You can check the Lovevery Play Gym video setup created by Lovevery below.

I just love when it’s done by the producer and not by some random dude in shorts.

Lovevery Play Gym Setup


Check also how to set up the fort.

Lovevery Play Gym – Transforming the Gym into a Fort

Now seriously, they are thoughtful and I love how much Lovevery cares about all aspects.

This is something you won’t see in too many baby products.

Others dump the product on you and if you are lucky you will find that random dude in shorts explaining it on YouTube.

To fold it, you follow the same process backward.

A walk in the park, for real.

Whenever you plan to buy a product that needs setup, check in advance if there are videos on YouTube for it, ideally from the vendor.

Safe and Sustainable Materials

As always, also this product contains:

  • low amount of plastic (BPA-free) – opposite to other play gyms where plastic is the main material because it’s cheap
  • organic cotton
  • FSC-certified baltic birch wood
  • PVC-free silicone
  • baby-safe polyester fiber

Sometimes, I find a product that I like based on pictures, descriptions, feedback from other customers, etc.

But when I want to get details about the materials inside it I get some vague statements (if any) like plastic, cotton, wood, etc.

Then I have 1000 questions I can’t find answers to and frustration grows.

When it’s about health and safety, I am never happy with uncertainty.

That’s why, whenever I find a brand that answers all my questions up front, like Lovevery, I stick to it.

Even when the price is slightly higher than for similar products.

This is what matters to me, it doesn’t mean everyone should think the same.

How To Clean Lovevery Activity Mat

Everyone with babies is aware that things can get dirty, A LOT and often.

Another question on all parents’ lips when purchasing a fabric item is “Can I machine wash it?” or, “Can I machine wash it without ruining it?“.

How many times have you ruined items in the machine wash?

I can’t even remember.

And this happens because even before having a baby we were on fast-forward in our lives.

Now it’s mission impossible to even consider spending time hand-washing or performing special cleaning for something.

I am personally guilty of ruining a couple of Merino wool clothes for our daughter because “it didn’t make sense to use the Gentle cycle and wool detergent for only two items”.

$/£140 or €156 out of the window or down the drain, based on preference.

Money Down the Drain
Image by Jayne Simmons from Pixabay

Back to the matter at hand, being able to clean baby products is always a must and not a luxury.

Well, believe it or not, the components of the Lovevery Play Gym can be cleaned very easily and efficiently.

All fabric itemsMachine wash using cold water and a gentle cycle. Ideally, they should be air-dried.
Wooden and plastic itemsWipe down with a damp cloth and non-abrasive cleaner when needed.
Silicone itemsWipe down or wash in lukewarm water with a gentle, baby-friendly cleaner.
How to clean Lovevery Play Gym components

The activity mat needs a bit of preparation before washing, like removing any cards from the Focus Zone and closing each of the three corner attachment straps to prevent snagging.

More details are also available on Lovevery’s website here.

Our experience with the cleaning was decent, I guess it could’ve been better with the following advice:

  • Wash the Lovevery Play Gym fabric items ALONE – the material tends to attract various lint from other fluffy products. A real pain to clean it out after.
  • Air-dry horizontally if possible – after a couple of washes and drying it vertically, we have the feeling that some areas changed their size.
  • Not so “pet-friendly” – if you have hairy pets, try to keep them out of the mat. It’s like a magnet. Or get stock of lint rollers.

Lovevery Play Gym’s Unique Features

There are a couple of features of the Lovevery Play Gym which are unique.

These were the “extra mile” that convinced us to go for it:

Multiple activity zonesMost Play Mats have 1-2 activity zones and Lovevery Play Gym has 5.
Foldable activity zonesMost Play Mats’ activity zones are permanently there, in some you can’t even remove them temporarily without breaking the mat.
Montessori inspiredMost Play Mats ignore the Montessori concept or they barely scratch the surface.
Minimalist designMost Play Mats contain complex shapes and patterns, thus disengaging babies. Not Lovevery Play Gym. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Friendly colors and patternsMost Play Mats have flashy or chaotic color patterns that are very disturbing for newborns.
Ear-friendly noise (no music)Most Play Mats have loud electronic sounds or disturbing music. Some don’t even have a sound-level adjuster. Could be also a con.
Designed with baby expertsVery few Play Mats out there were designed following expert advice.

7 Cons and Aspects to be Aware Of

1. The Size

Is not necessarily a minus but you need to be aware it will take quite significant space to accommodate the Lovevery Play Gym:

  • Play mat zones closed (inches): 23.9H x 37.9W x 42.9L
  • Play mat zones open (inches): 23.9H x 50W x 47L

Therefore, not ideal for small rooms.

It’s also a bit complicated to move it from one room to another without dismantling it.

However, this is a minor issue since this process takes around 2 minutes when you are “skilled” enough.

The above also applies if you wanna travel with it.

Save the box and use it for travelling or storing when you need the space.
2. Lint and Pet Hair Magnet

One of the biggest minuses for us as we constantly need to clean it out.

Keep pets out and wash the mat separately and you’ll be safe.

3. Immobile Hanging Toys

You attach the hanging toys using the slots drilled in the arches’ wood.

Therefore, they are always in the same location, an aspect contrary to the Montessori guidelines.

We decided to shorten and lengthen the straps from time to time.

We also changed them at some point with some flexible (jiggling) ones.

If the baby is small, there is a chance that not all toys are within the reaching area, creating frustration.

Since we were in this situation, we changed the straps to longer ones.

lovevery play gym hanging toys
Lovevery Play Gym Hanging Toys
4. Head Bump Risks

The Play Gym’s arches are wooden.

This positive feature can turn into a disadvantage sometimes if the baby is rolling at a high velocity.

It happened a few times to us however the bumps were minor.

We wrapped the arms in some cotton clothing to eliminate any further accidents.

The Batting Ring can turn into a potential risk if the baby manages to swing it very fast.

Although, this didn’t occur for us because when our daughter was strong enough to turn it into a sling, she lost interest in it.

5. The Price

There is no way around it.

The Lovevery Play Gym is pricy, at least compared to their competitors (see comparison below).

But let’s reconsider this statement until after you finish the reading.

In our case, after digesting the available information, we decided to go for it.

I hope the information provided so far will help you make an educated decision that fits both your budget and your goals.

Two years after we got it, we still use some parts of it for daily games, like the canopy and the Montessori ball.

In my opinion, the price is right for the value it provides.

Almost $12/month.

Are you a smoker?

Just “forget” about 1 pack per month.

Do yourself and your baby a favor.

6. Mismatch

Same as with the Lovevery Play Kits or any other baby products, there is a chance your baby will not engage with (some parts of) it.

Our daughter didn’t like the Feel Zone, but only that.

So in the end, it was a big win.

7. Music

Although I am totally against loud music, I believe a feature to create or listen to some relaxing tones would be a huge plus.

Hint @Lovevery team.

Lovevery Play Gym Add-Ons

1. First-Year Lovevery Play Kits

Lovevery Play Kits

As Lovevery Play Kits subscription owner (in-depth review here), the Lovevery Play Gym will be an even better fit as almost all the items from the first year’s Kits will become nice add-ons to it.

They can be used inside, attached, or mounted in the Gym.

Some examples:

  • from The Looker Play Kit, we particularly liked the Mobile and the Sensory Links
  • from The Charmer Play Kit, our daughter enjoyed the Framed Mirror and the Black and White Card Set
  • from The Senser Play Kit, we mostly enjoyed the Rainbow Ball (similar to the one that comes with the Gym but multicolor)and the Wobbler

I have to admit I like how they imagined this ecosystem.

As a former Apple employee, I fully understand and appreciate the concept.

2. The Sensory Strands

Lovevery Sensory Strands

The Sensory Strands addon was created for the Play Gym.

As the name suggests, this is a sensory toy, designed together with child development experts to encourage cognitive and sensory exploration, motor skills, and auditory & tactile stimulation.

This baby-safe product is made of 90% organic cotton and 10% polyester silk.

It’s also filled with 80% plastic film and 20% polyester fiber.

With all the items from the Gym and the Lovevery Play Kits, we decided to pass on this one.

One of my friends has it because they missed the first year Play Kits and the feedback is positive.

Their baby was engaged by it and spent a lot of time playing with it.

There was nothing negative about it.

Keep in mind, The Sensory Strands are NOT washable.

Lovevery suggests you clean them with a damp cloth and mild cleaner.

With the help of the integrated straps and the safety loop, you can easily attach it to the Lovevery Play Gym in a few seconds.

In conclusion, this easy-to-attach addon can be a nice touch but it’s also something you can survive without.

If you don’t go for the kits I strongly suggest getting the sensory strands.

5 Alternatives To The Lovevery Play Gym

You can find on the market a huge amount of Play Gyms.

Some are “similar” to the Lovevery Play Gym, and some are far away in quality and design.

The reasons we chose the Lovevery Play Gym over others are multiple and some of them are already mentioned here.

Among the most important:

  • already convinced by the quality of the Play Kits
  • low amount of plastic
  • easy setup
  • foldable activity zones
  • easy cleaning
  • the Lovevery ecosystem

I’ll drop below the alternatives worth mentioning in my opinion (in random order):

1. Fisher-Price Baby Gym with Kick & Play Piano

Features worth mentioning:

  • sounds and music with a volume adjuster;
  • a removable piano the baby can carry around;
  • the lights are dim and should not be disturbing for the baby;
  • variations of the Gym (Rainforest, Zoo, etc.).
2. Baby Einstein 4-in-1 Kickin’ Tunes
Baby Einstein 4 in 1 Kickin' Tunes

Features worth mentioning:

  • more cotton-based compared to the F&P one;
  • sounds and music with a volume adjuster;
  • comes with a tummy time pillow;
  • a removable piano the baby can carry around.
3. Bright Starts Disney Finding Nemo
Bright Starts Disney Baby Finding Nemo

Features worth mentioning:

  • tummy time pillow;
  • lights on the ceiling and music;
  • Dory finger puppet;
  • Little Mermaid theme available.
4. Skip Hop Play Gym – Treetop Friends
Skip Hop Baby Gym

Features worth mentioning:

  • the color palette is eye-friendly;
  • comes with a tummy time pillow;
  • variations of the Gym (Oasis, Farmstand, etc.).
5. Lupantte 7 in 1
Lupantte 7 in 1

Features worth mentioning:

  • High Contrast Soft Book;
  • 2 washable interchangeable mats;
  • tummy time pillow;
  • cotton-based;
  • decent footprint & easy setup.

Lovevery Play Gym vs Lovevery Play Kits

You are probably wondering, “If I have the Lovevery Play Kits subscription, does the Lovevery Play Gym make sense?” or the other way around.

Truth is, the focus is completely different, although the same.

Sounds complicated right?

Let me clarify that.

The Gym is designed to “follow” your child’s development for at least 1 year.

On the other side, Lovevery Play Kits are delivered every two months in the first year.

Therefore, we can say the Kits are hyper-focusing on 2 months whereas the Gym is offering 1 year of play but at a different granularity.

So the overlap between the two is small to inexistent, which is great, at least from the perspective of not paying two times for the same features.

The Play Gym and the Lovevery Play Kits from the first year are designed to support each other.

Where To Buy The Lovevery Play Gym

The good news is that the Lovevery Play Gym and The Sensory Strands Add-On, compared to the Play Kits, are available both in the Lovevery webshop and from external partners.

Because of the price, it’s also free shipping.

I strongly suggest you get it directly from Lovevery because in my experience they tend to care way more about the delivery than other vendors.

They even have carbon-neutral shipping.

Several people complained about receiving damaged packages from other vendors.

On the other hand, their partners might have options for monthly installments with no fee.

Below you’ll find a (non-exhaustive) list of where you can purchase the Lovevery Play Gym.

Lovevery Play Gym

The Verdict

After 2 years of playing with the Lovevery Play Gym (lately with parts of it), we are currently considering donating it.

The fort is still in high demand so we will postpone this for a while.

Same as for other toys, this is good to have but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t.

It helps your baby in the first year but it will not replace your presence and love.

Worst-case scenario, your baby will be late for the party but catching up is guaranteed.

Reading the Play Guides from the Lovevery Play Kits I realized our daughter is ahead in some aspects and behind in others.

Though, the ones she is behind are far fewer than the ones she is ahead of.

Comparing her to other kids I see or know, these tools from Lovevery are providing the extra edge I was looking for.

In the end, every child is developing at their own pace but I am now more certain than ever development can be stimulated.

As always, I hope I was able to put in the spotlight all the useful information about the Lovevery Play Gym and that you enjoyed the lecture.

I am looking forward to your feedback regarding your experience with Lovevery Play Gym so please drop a comment (or more) below.

Until next time, I wish you good health, and may the best decisions nest in your mind.

Lovevery Play Gym

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