Tummy Time Crab: The Swiss Army Knife Of Tummy Time

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tummy time crab

Tummy time is an essential part of your baby’s development.

Finding fun, engaging toys can make it an enjoyable experience for you and your little one.

One toy that has garnered popularity among parents is the tummy time crab.

This interactive crawling crab toy is crying for love.

Nevertheless, serves a valuable purpose in encouraging your baby to lift their head, develop neck strength, and support early crawling skills.

As your baby grows and begins to crawl, the crab’s obstacle avoidance sensor adds an exciting challenge for your little one, promoting their cognitive development and eye-hand coordination.

Let’s find together in this article:

  • what is the tummy time crab toy
  • the benefits for your baby
  • the features of the crab tummy time toy
  • pros and cons
  • where to get it

What Is The Tummy Time Crab

The tummy time crab is an interactive, crawling crab that can help your little one develop essential skills while having fun.

The tummy time crab toy comes to life by scurrying across the floor, changing direction when it encounters obstacles but before hitting them (most of the time).

This crab toy is designed to encourage babies to crawl, aiding their physical and cognitive development.

Its flickering eyes with lights and moving legs entice your little one to lift their head and attempt to follow or catch the crab during tummy time.

Key features:

  • music
  • lights
  • obstacle avoidance function
  • battery-free*

*Although the toy is available from multiple vendors, especially on Amazon, some of them are NOT battery-free.

Expected benefits:

  • Developing eye-hand coordination
  • Stimulating cognitive abilities
  • Encouraging crawling and coordination

The most renowned tummy time crabs are:

By incorporating the tummy time crab into your baby’s daily routine, you are fostering an engaging, active, and enjoyable experience that supports their overall development.


This unique toy helps your infant focus and have fun during tummy time, stimulating important motor skill development.

Your baby will be attracted to the tummy time crab’s movements, encouraging them to reach for and follow it.

Consequently, it helps improve their visual tracking skills, body coordination, and muscle strength, which are essential for crawling and walking development.

Building their neck muscles is imperative for holding their head up.

The crawling crab promotes other motor skills, such as rolling and crawling.

These movements are essential for your child’s development as they transition from infant to toddler.

Not only does the crab facilitate physical growth, but it also plays a role in reaching developmental milestones, such as hand-eye coordination and cognitive ability.

By engaging with an interactive toy like this, your baby is more likely to achieve these milestones promptly.

Remember, happy and engaged babies are more likely to succeed in developing necessary motor skills and properly reach their developmental milestones.



The tummy time crab toy is specifically designed to encourage your baby to be more active during tummy time.

With its cute crab shape and vibrant colors, it easily grabs your baby’s attention and entices them to crawl and follow.

Most of the options on the market come with a USB charger, making its use hassle-free.

Comes one button that goes into three positions:

  • ON with movement
  • ON with movement, sound (and lights)
  • OFF

Depending on the vendor, it comes in various colors: blue, pink, light green, yellow, purple, orange, etc.

Sensory Elements

Tummy time crab toys come with integrated sensory elements that can stimulate your baby’s cognitive abilities.

The interactive crab toy is equipped with lights and moving parts that catch your baby’s attention, encouraging them to crawl and interact with the toy.

Music And Sounds

The tummy time crab toy also features engaging music and sounds that add to the appeal for your baby.

These entertaining tunes help create a fun and stimulating environment for your child, promoting emotional and cognitive development.

Tummy Time Crab Age Range

Tummy time crab toys are recommended from 3 months and designed to grow with your child, providing engaging and stimulating play options for infants and toddlers alike.

When your infant is still in the early stages of tummy time, the moving crab for tummy time can help encourage them to become more active and engaged during tummy time sessions.

As your baby develops, the tummy time crab toy will transition seamlessly, offering new opportunities for play, exploration, and development.

The toy’s movement and features, such as waving its claws, can capture your baby’s attention and promote their desire to crawl and follow the toy.

As your child transitions from crawling to walking, the crab tummy time toy continues to be an entertaining and educational play companion.

Gifting And Family Value

The tummy time crab makes a unique and interactive gift for a baby.

It’s suitable for babies aged 3-36 months and makes a fantastic Christmas or birthday present that the entire family can enjoy.

Parents and other family members can join the child during playtime with the moving crab for tummy time, turning it into quality bonding moments in a lively and engaging environment.

Your gift will be a meaningful addition to the baby’s playtime and become a memorable favorite in their collection of toys.

Given the multiple benefits and entertainment value of the crab tummy time toy, it’s a thoughtful gift choice that will be cherished by the baby and their family.

Pros & Cons


One of the biggest pros of the tummy time crab toy is its continuous self-moving feature.

Most toys in this age range need to be manipulated by an adult or they stop after performing a certain action.

Another one is the USB charger that can be connected to a wide range of devices during our times (laptop, wall socket, power bank, car, etc.).

Multiple parents reported the toy as very sturdy despite being handled by their infants or pets.

The collision avoidance feature is a lifesaver (for the crab literally).

The one-button design is almost unreachable to the baby – under the crab, in a cavity, and hard to push.

tummy time crab
The location of the ON button


While the tummy time crab toy offers many benefits, there are some potential drawbacks you need to be aware of.

The main one is overstimulation.

It can be a concern for some infants, particularly if they have sensory sensitivities.

The moving crab for tummy time, along with its bright colors, might be too much for some children, causing them to become agitated or distressed.

Please monitor individual responses and ensure proper use to maximize its benefits while minimizing potential risks.

The best approach would be not to expose your kid too much to the crab.

Its movement and noise can lead to some pets attacking the crab which can lead to its destruction and not the best tummy time scene for your baby.

A person reported a small explosion inside the crab that destroyed it.

In the process, the plastic shell was melted and some specific smell was sensed in the air.

There is no confirmation from vendors that the battery has protection against overcharging.

Unfortunately, the market is flooded with low-quality crabs (especially on Amazon).

Because of that, the return rate is high so you might receive a used one.

For the same reason, not all crabs are the same – some don’t have music, some don’t have lights and some are on batteries.

I recommend going for a highly-rated one after thoroughly reading the reviews, putting it to the test, and returning it if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Where To Get Tummy Time Crab

You can find the tummy time crab through various online retailers like:

  1. Amazon
  2. Walmart
  3. BloomingBabies

Although the crabs from the last two are double the price of the ones on Amazon and Walmart, it appears from the reviews that the quality is better.

Alternative To The Tummy Time Crab

Several options on the market mimic the tummy time crab (slimes, hermit crabs, etc.).

The one alternative I would recommend is the tummy time octopus.

It’s identical to the crawling crab from a feature point of view and has the same level of cuteness (see below).

The one in the picture also comes with a free wind-up toy for bath time.

Key Takeaways

Incorporating the tummy time crab toy into your baby’s playtime will not only make tummy time more enjoyable but also support your child in achieving key developmental milestones.

The moving crab toy can help transform tummy time from a dreaded task to a fun, interactive experience filled with giggles and excitement.

1000’s parents already vouched for this innovative tummy time toy.

Give the tummy time crab a try and watch as your baby’s curiosity and development blossom.

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If you have any questions, tips, curiosities, or experiences to share, please use the comments section below.

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