The Complete Tummy Time Mirror Guide & 20 Best Mirrors

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Tummy Time Mirror

The tummy time mirror is by far one of the most appreciated tummy time toys by parents.

Whether you’re a first-time parent or an experienced caregiver, the tummy time mirror is a must-have accessory for every baby’s playtime!

This simple yet innovative tool is designed to provide endless entertainment and stimulation for your little one while promoting significant physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development.

If you don’t have one, keep reading to understand why you need it.

If you do, keep reading to find out its benefits and potential ways to engage your baby even more.

This was the only tool that made our baby girl laugh in her first 6 months of life, and trust me, WE TRIED!

Let’s discover together:

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What Is A Tummy Time Mirror?

A tummy time mirror is a small, shatterproof mirror designed to help your baby’s development during tummy time.

The mirror allows your baby to see themselves and their surroundings, which can make tummy time also engaging and entertaining for them.

Tummy time mirrors are often brightly colored to attract your baby’s attention.

The usage of a tummy time mirror facilitates your baby’s visual and cognitive development, as well as makes tummy time more enjoyable.

Is There Any Science Behind Tummy Time Mirrors?

The science behind tummy time mirrors is based on theories of sensory development, motor development, and social-emotional development in infants.

There have been some studies that have looked at the use of tummy time mirrors during baby tummy time.

One study published in the journal “Early Childhood Education Journal” in 2011 found that infants who used a tummy time mirror had increased head and trunk control during tummy time, as well as increased social interaction and engagement.

Another study published in the “Physical & Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics” in 2016 found that the use of a tummy time mirror was associated with improved head and trunk control, as well as increased reaching and grasping behaviors in infants.

While these theories provide a framework for understanding the potential benefits of a tummy time mirror, it’s important to note that more research is needed to fully understand its effects on baby development.

Regardless, the tummy time mirror is generally considered safe and beneficial for most babies when used under adult supervision.

How Does A Tummy Time Mirror Benefit A Baby?

After I found out about tummy time mirrors, this was the first question that came into my mind.

Here is the answer.

  • Visual development improvement: The mirror allows your baby to see themselves and their surroundings, encouraging them to move their head and eyes, which helps develop their eye-tracking and focus skills.
  • Cognitive development stimulation: The reflection in the mirror can be used to introduce your baby to new concepts such as self-awareness and object permanence, which can help to develop the baby’s understanding of the world around them.
  • Enjoyable tummy time: When your baby is engaged and happy during tummy time, it makes it easier for you also to encourage him/her to stay on their tummy for longer periods. This can lead to improved muscle strength and development.
  • Eye-hand coordination development: As your baby looks at their reflection, they might try to reach out and touch the image, which can help with their eye-hand coordination. Moving the mirror will increase this benefit.
  • Encouraging the baby to reach, roll, and crawl: As they see themselves in the mirror, they may try to move their body to get a better view, which can encourage them to reach, roll and crawl.

When Should I Use A Tummy Time Mirror?

As long as it’s under adult supervision, the tummy time mirror can be used from the first days of birth.

Keep in mind that your baby sees mostly black and white at that time, yet, Anastasia was attracted to it every time.

We initially used a hand-held tummy time mirror, then we moved to a floor one.

However, you should always consult with your pediatrician if you have any doubts or questions about tummy time.

5 Criteria To Choose The Right Mirror For A Baby

  1. Safety: Make sure the mirror is made of shatterproof material and has smooth edges to prevent injury. It’s also important that the mirror is securely attached to the base and that it can’t be easily detached by the baby.
  2. Size: Choose a mirror that is large enough for your baby to see themselves and their surroundings clearly, but not too large that it takes up a lot of space.
  3. Color: A brightly colored mirror can be more engaging for your baby, as it captures their attention more easily. High contrast is the best.
  4. Portability: Some tummy time mirrors come with a stand or a mat, which can help keep the mirror in place on different surfaces. Others are designed to be portable, with a handle for easy carrying.
  5. Price: Tummy time mirrors come in a range of prices, so you’ll want to choose one that also fits your budget. The good news is they are generally affordable.

Please read reviews of the product before purchasing.

This will give you an idea of the experiences of other parents and help you understand if it meets your expectations.

If a product doesn’t have reviews at all, I generally take it as a red flag.

Can A Tummy Time Mirror Help With Reflux Or Colic?

Since our girl had reflux starting the first week of life and until 11 months, we hoped the tummy time, supported by toys would help.

Bad news, in our case it didn’t.

Nor all “dedicated” medication available in pharmacies for this “condition”.

If you are in the same situation, take my advice and don’t waste money on medication.

There is no science behind the colic or reflux but it will pass sooner or later, guaranteed.

Hang in there!

10 Features Of A Proper Tummy Time Mirror

  1. Safe and secure attachment: A good tummy time mirror should have a secure and stable attachment mechanism to keep it in place during playtime.
  2. Activity center: Look for a mirror that comes with more features than a simple mirror.
  3. Adjustable angle: A tummy time mirror that can be adjusted to different angles can be more engaging for your baby and help to encourage movement and exploration.
  4. Age-appropriate: There are various types of tummy time mirrors, so it’s important to choose one that is age-appropriate for your baby.
  5. Portable: A tummy time mirror that is portable and easy to take with you on the go can be a great option for busy parents.
  6. Safe materials: Make sure the mirror and surrounding materials are made of safe materials for babies and free of any harmful chemicals or toxins.
  7. Versatility: Some tummy time mirrors come with additional features like music and lights to make tummy time more interactive and enjoyable for babies.
  8. Size and shape: A tummy time mirror that is the right size and shape for your baby will be more comfortable and engaging for them to look at.
  9. Durable and easy to clean: A tummy time mirror should be made of durable materials that are easy to clean and sanitize.
  10. Visually stimulating: The mirror should be visually stimulating for babies, with bright colors, patterns, or images to capture their attention.

Are There Any Safety Concerns With Using A Tummy Time Mirror?

Yes, there are a few safety concerns to keep in mind when using a tummy time mirror:

  • Avoid overstimulation: Pay attention to your baby’s cues and stop the activity if they become fussy or overstimulated.
  • Supervision: Always supervise your baby during tummy time, especially when using a tummy time mirror.
  • No replacement for other activities: Tummy time should not be used as a replacement for other activities such as supervised playtime, storytime, and cuddle time with parents and caregivers.
  • Cleanliness: Keep the mirror clean and free of dust or debris that could potentially harm your baby.
  • Size and placement: Make sure the mirror is the appropriate size for your baby and that it is placed in a stable and secure location, out of reach of your baby. When your baby is touching the mirror pay extreme attention to any potential hazards.

10 Steps For An Enjoyable Tummy Time

  1. Start with short sessions: Begin with just a few minutes of tummy time and gradually increase the duration as your baby becomes more comfortable and strong.
  2. Make it interactive: Place a toy or a mirror within your baby’s reach, or use a colorful mat to capture their attention.
  3. Get down to their level: Sit or lie next to your baby during tummy time to make them feel more secure and encourage them to lift their head.
  4. Incorporate playtime: Use tummy time as an opportunity to play with your baby, talk to them, and make silly faces.
  5. Use different surfaces: Tummy time can be done on a mat, a blanket, or even on a bed. Changing the surface can make the activity more interesting for your baby.
  6. Be consistent: Try to have several short sessions of tummy time throughout the day, rather than one long session.
  7. Be patient: Tummy time can be challenging for some babies, but it’s important to be patient and persistent. Every baby develops at their own pace, and with time and practice, your baby will become more comfortable and strong during tummy time.
  8. Keep it supervised: Always supervise your baby during tummy time to ensure they are safe and to remove the mirror if they become overstimulated.
  9. Be creative: Unleash your imagination and creativity during tummy time play and avoid repetitive play. Your baby will get bored fast.
  10. Don’t overkill it: Remember to balance quality with quantity during tummy time play, as overdoing it can lead to frustration and fatigue for your baby. Pay attention to your baby’s cues and stop at the right moment.

5 Tummy Time Mirror Types To Pick From

  1. Overhead tummy time mirrors: These mirrors are designed to be placed above your baby during tummy time, usually hung from a crib or playpen.
  2. Floor mirrors: These mirrors are designed to be placed on the floor during tummy time.
  3. Handheld tummy time mirrors: These mirrors are designed to be held by a parent or caregiver during tummy time. I recommend this for newborns.
  4. Activity tummy time mirrors: These mirrors have added features like music, lights high-contrast flashcards, or soft books, which can make tummy time more engaging and entertaining for your baby.
  5. Soft-sided tummy time mirrors: These mirrors are made of soft material and are designed to be placed on the floor during tummy time. They are lightweight and easy to move around, which can be especially useful for on-the-go playtime.

No matter, the type or types you will choose, the tummy time mirror’s purpose remains the same:

  • allow your baby to see themselves and their movements
  • promote visual tracking and focusing skills
  • encourage sitting, crawling, and standing

Best 20 Affordable Tummy Time Mirrors

Below you’ll find a non-exhaustive list of the parents-most appreciated Amazon tummy time mirrors.

You’ll notice several concepts but quite similar designs.

In the end, it’s a matter of taste, but I am sure you will find something fitting.

Keep in mind that most subscription boxes, play gyms or activity centers come with a tummy time mirror already, so plan before you buy.

Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror

Baby Einstein Flip For Art Activity Mirror

  • high-contrast patterns
  • flippable high-contrast flashcards
  • take along cards with carrier link
  • easel back stands on the floor

Taf Toys Koala Infant Tummy Time Mirror

  • high-contrast soft book with crinkling pages
  • peek-a-book kite
  • baby koala teether
  • Savannah theme

Bright Starts – Sit And See Safari Floor Mirror

  • high-contrast colors
  • crinkly leaves
  • easel back stands on the floor
  • folds flat

teytoy Tummy Time Floor Mirror

B. Baby Roly-Poly Tummy Time Mirror

  • unique crawl-along concept
  • one rattle-wheel and one symmetric spiral design for visual impact
  • soy-based inks and water-based varnishes

Pocket Panda Tummy Time Mirror

  • 3D cartoon images
  • high-contrast crinkle soft book
  • strap design for crib and car
  • Kangaroo theme and more

MOBI Peeka Tummy Time Mirror

  • multi-texture high-contrast balls
  • food-grade silicone, BPA & Phthalate-free
  • dual multi-texture handles, good grip for both parents and babies

Familiar Faces Montessori Mirror Peekaboo Knob

  • 1-piece wood-made knob peekaboo puzzle
  • promotes object permanence concept and problem-solving
  • no stand
  • same concept same price alternative but with 2 puzzles

beiens Tummy Time Activity Toy With Mirror

  • soft crinkle book with an incorporated mirror
  • high-contrast Panda theme
  • rolling toy & peek-a-book feature
  • easel design for hands-free use

Infantino Busy Board Mirror

  • 2-side play
  • lay flat or prop up play
  • high-contrast crinkle prints
  • rattle beads & handle

Jefshon Tummy Time Mirror

  • high-contrast crinkle soft book
  • teether and BB device
  • high-contrast animal prints
  • travel-friendly

Bambiya Tummy Time Mirror: Floor, Crib, Play Gym & Stroller

  • high versatility tummy time mirror
  • day and night modes with lights and sound features
  • rattle, teething ring, and crinkles

Manhattan Wimmer-Ferguson Double Mirror

Epessa Baby Mirror for Tummy Time

  • high-contrast patterns with an animal theme
  • car, crib and stroller-friendly
  • easel design for hands-free use
  • scratch-free edges

VTech Lil’ Critters Magical Discovery Mirror

  • press or pull star for cause and effect
  • shape sorter and roller ball
  • lights and sounds (60+ songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases) features

HABA Rainbow Discovery Mirror

  • hook and loop fastener for crib, car, stroller
  • vibrant rainbow colors
  • various shapes, patterns, and textures
  • can be used as a pillow

Genius Baby Black, White & Red Mirror

  • 2-sided concept with high-contrast prints
  • crib, play gym & car friendly
  • cotton-based
  • generous size (14.5″ x 10″)

Koty Infant Car Seat Toy

  • works perfectly for tummy time due to the easel design
  • dedicated to the car, crib, and stroller use
  • crinkle, teether, and squeaking features
  • blue & orange elephant, caterpillar, and gray fox themes

Smallzi Infant Activity Toy With Mirror

  • sensory crinkle soft book
  • high-contrast patterns
  • car, crib and stroller-friendly
  • soft teethers

Key Takeaways

The tummy time mirror was a life-saver for us and we can’t recommend it enough.

We used the one that comes with the Lovevery Play Gym.

Especially at the very beginning, it was one of the few toys Anastasia was reacting to.

My conclusion is that a tummy time mirror is a versatile and valuable tool for parents and caregivers looking to enhance their baby’s playtime and development.

With its safe and easy-to-clean design and lightweight portability, a tummy time mirror can be used anywhere and at any time to provide visual stimulation, promote self-awareness, and support motor development.

Whether you’re looking for a solo play option or a tool to encourage interactive play with others, a tummy time mirror offers endless possibilities for fun and development.

You can rest assured that you and your baby will enjoy many hours of play and growth with this incredible tool.

Whether you’re a first-time parent or an experienced one, a tummy time mirror is a must-have accessory for your baby’s playtime.

Whether you choose a simple, single-feature mirror or a more elaborate and interactive design, the benefits of a tummy time mirror are undeniable.

So go ahead and give your baby the gift of tummy time, and discover just how much this incredible tool can enhance their playtime and development!

So, if you’re ready to take your baby’s tummy time to the next level, consider investing in a tummy time mirror TODAY.

If you have any questions, tips, curiosities, or experiences to share, please use the comments section below.

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